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Baby Shower Favor Idea – Baby Blooming

July 5, 2012

I found this cute idea when searching online for baby shower favors, but I had a hard time finding the elements to re-create it. This is how I improvised and still came out with a great favor.

The flower seeds

I was not successful in finding bulk flower seeds for purchase. Rather, I bought seeds already packaged in envelopes with their description for $1/each. Perennials were more expensive and ranged up to $5/each.

The envelope

After unsuccessfully searching craft stores and big box stores for plain manilla, brown or white envelopes that could be used to hold flower seeds, I found myself looking at hardware stores. Here, I found the manilla envelopes used for purchasing keys and most of the flower seed envelopes fit perfectly inside. Now, there is print on one side of the key envelopes, which I covered with the paper and text.

Paper & Message

Card stock and scrapbooking paper work best for this, but can be difficult to print on. I used a thicker printing paper and printed in color ink. You could also lay the text layer onto a card stock or scrapbook paper layer. The message I used:

Plant these seeds

And watch them bloom

Just like baby ___ (parents’ last name)

Who will be here soon!

I also added a thank you for coming to the shower underneath.

Use decorative scissors to create a cute edge.

Finish with a bow

For this favor, the sex of the baby wasn’t known. So the ribbon used was neutral colors (blue, green, yellows).


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